Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Galliano for Kate Moss' Wedding

When you hear John and Kate, you think plus 8. No darlings, it's a reality show I'm gushing about.

It's going to be an epic bridal gown battle between two famous Kates this summer. We all know that soon to be princess Kate Middleton is going to come up with something classic and glamorous for her wedding to Prince William, but we all are also very curious to see what John Galliano whips up for the runway princess Kate Moss in her wedding with Jamie Hince (from the band "The Kills"). John Galliano is known for his playful designs that encapsulates both feminine and masculine elements at the same time, so it really excites me to hear that he's designing for the ever so controversial Kate Moss.

I can't wait!!

Well, whilst we wait for the big day, here's a video of John Galliano teaching Kate Moss how to walk for the finale of his Spring/Summer 1994 collection.

Loves. It.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gucci F/W 2011

Seriously, if you didn't fall inlove watching this, you're officially the ice queen.

Cebu High

The last time I was in Cebu I was 8 years old, so I'd like to consider this trip my first time. I went to Cebu with some friends who came home from New York, Canada and Singapore to enjoy some sun. It was such a blast!

Here are some shots from the Imperial Palace Cebu.

Taking over the woods with Rizza!
I made my dress for this trip, matched it with Rubi gladiators, Aldo accessories and a vintage hat.  

Cebu is such a beautiful city.



Thursday, February 17, 2011

GEN M: Mega Young Designers Competition 2011

What: Finale of GEN M 2011
Where: Republiq
When: Feb. 16, 2011

The long wait is over! MEGA has finally announced its newest young designer winner at last night's finale, and was it an exciting moment. After going through the toughest challenges this season, the 8 finalists battled it out to the end and presented 5 pieces each to showcase their collection. Former winners such as the fierce Veejay Floresca, the chic Patrice Ramos-Diaz and the ever so lively Rajo Laurel also showcased their designs to celebrate the event.

I designed and made my dress for the event, and matched it with Chili Margarita pumps and Aldo accessories. :)

With Ning Hilario, MEGA beauty associate editor

With Jerick Hernandez and Justin Sarabia

Congrats to Russell Villafuerte!!!!

Congrats to all the winners!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Accessory Feature: Ethnic Gold

Be the leader of the pack and wear this season's hottest accessories!

Run fast and catch the gold rush with these fierce neckpieces:

Gold Leaves from Androgyny Shop

 Black and Gold Number from Androgyny Shop
White Porcelain and gold Girl Shoppe

Indulge in these chunky bracelets and wire earrings:

Gold Wire Earrings from Girl Shoppe

Silver Wire Earrings from Girl Shoppe

Zebra print earrings from Forver 21

Giraffe print earrings from Aan Pineda

Bracelets from Androgyny Shop

Enjoy shopping!!


Monday, February 14, 2011

Michael Kors: F/W 2011 Shoot

If you don't know who Michael Kors is, there is something wrong with you. I don't mean to be harsh, but this guy is I think one of the finest fashion designers around, as well as one of the smartest businessmen in the industry. He talks the talk, and walks the walk. And yes, we are loving the cut-out sleeves for his F/W 2011 collection.


Get the "Wang Girl Look:" Alexander Wang NYFW 2011

New York Fashion Week 2011 is officially here baby! So here is a backstage tidbit at the Alexander Wang show on how to get his fall runway look. Adore.

Grammy Awards 2011: Aretha Franklin Tribute

Watch these ladies belt it out and make mama Aretha proud!


Grammy Awards 2011: Born This Way

Although she came to the Grammy's inside an egg and stayed there while she incubates before this performance, I gotta hand it to Lady Gaga for being the queen of making memorable moments and inspiring pop songs (although it reminds me of Madonna for some reason). Nonetheless, I love her.

"I'm on the right track baby, I was born this way."


Grammy Awards 2011: Forget You

Nothing says "Forget You" like Cee Lo Green dressed up like a colorful bird, Gwyneth Paltrow rocking it on top of a piano, and of course the fabulous Muppets as back up! I enjoyed this performance very much :)

I wonder where I can get Gwyn's earrings..


Grammy Awards 2011: Bruno Mars

Oh Bruno Mars, you complete so many couple's valentine's day. <3


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fashion Project: Put A Ring On It!

Beyonce told you to, so might as well make it yourself! For our fashion project this week, we are making our very own customized rings. To keep things unique and avoid "who wore it better" moments, why not make your own ring and create your own spin to it. Whether its colorful, simple or chic, rings are very helpful putting the edge in each outfit. To help you out, here's a few steps on how to customize your own finger bling!

Hope this helps ;) Happy Hearts Day <3


Mon premier rouge à lèvres Chanel

My first Chanel lipstick.

I know some find exaggeration when it comes to people like me who fawn over items like these. But this one really means a lot to me because one of my bestfriends in the whole world gave me this (and it was one of the best moments ever I swear haha). Anyway, I was extremely speechless and excited when she handed me the Chanel Rouge Allure #12 and told me it was for me, which also came with a gold key necklace from Aldo so that we would have matching ones (Kris, if you're reading this, please come home, we both miss you!!). So I screamed and hugged her over an inexpensive Persian dinner, while I examine the heavenly rouge bestowed upon me. She also gave me lipstick from a french brand called Kiss Kiss by the way, which I'm trying my best not to neglect haha.

This was definitely a good day. I love you bes!


(I tried it on, but it was really sunny to see here on the photo

Tribal + Lace = Spring Perfection

I cannot get over how much I love lace and tribal jewelry right now. And luckily, I got to style for the spring/summer collection of my friend Rizza Rustia's store called Androgyny, as well as Christina Melchor's fabulous shoe collection called Blushing Geisha. The shoot was a lot of sun and work rolled into one, but it was fun and worth it! We started a little before lunch and finished right before dinner, just in time to meet up with balikbayan friends afterwards.

Anyway, I was so excited that we were going to work with lace for the shoot, as well as big, chunky gold and silver pieces of tribal love. A lace or sheer top and a hot piece of lingerie, loud keypiece jewelry, paired with hot nails or candy colored lips seals the deal for me this season. Just make sure you don't overdo it okay! Make sure you balance everything out, you want people to go nuts for the right reasons.

The photos are not completely edited yet, I'll post the edited ones as soon as they're done, but I posted a taste of the rough photos below. Hope you like them!

To get the look, you can visit:Androgyny Shop
50th Avenue, Robinson's Galleria

Blushing Geisha Shoes

Photographer: Ge Reyes
Stylist: Beatriz Abalajon
Models: Demi Khi and Kassandra Ambion
Special thanks to: Rizza Rustia, Christina Melchor, Justin Sarabia, Brian Ramos, Aaron Auditor, Sarah Dalrymple and Carlo Castillo

Tuesday Dinner

My bestfriend's leaving for Australia on Thursday, so I chose to wear something black to mourn this day! :( and well.. it was kind of chilly this afternoon while waiting for some friends I'm meeting up for dinner. I haven't worn this silk top in the longest time, so I thought it was time two old friends meet again.

I wore a black Cotton On skirt, stockings from Topshop, silk blouse from Taharo Yamamoshi, black and snake skin pumps from the Black Collection, and finally my headband/bandeau made by moi.

I love the whimsical detail on my top, it's filled with musical instruments! And it's quite comfortable too.
How was your Tuesday night?