Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Alberto Guardiani: Lipstick Heel Fantasy

I was walking around Tangs Department Store today and I came across a very interesting shaped heel, and as I approached it, my heart almost skipped a beat when I saw that it was a lipstick heel! haha I'm not very familiar with the brand (which is now officially one of my favorites!), but as far as my research goes (and it didn't go very far since most data I found was in Italian) here are 3 facts you should know about the brand:

1. 60 years ago, Italian shoemakers Dino Guardiani and his cousin Luigi had a vision of creating high quality shoes, combining elegance, comfort and functionality.

2. Alberto Guardiani, son of Dino took over the company into what it is now, a strong empire that until now lives with its mission in creating well crafted shoes and accessories.

3. The brand was created in Montegranaro, and it still remains as its official headquarters for design, production and showrooms.

Given that you now know 3 things about the brand, I think it's time we look into the best thing about Alberto Guardiani: the SHOES of course!

Enjoy ;)


The Lipstick Heel popularized by the brand

F/W 2012-2013 Collection

For more about Alberto Guardiani, check out their website http://www.albertoguardiani.com

Anna Dello Russo for H&M

The fashion maniac collaborates with the Swedish fashion empire, giving birth to a luxuriously delicious accessory line.

I couldn't help myself, I had to look for the nearest H&M store and see for myself what the glitter was all about. As I enter, I see a mountain of gold and turquoise, allowing myself a long and slow "ooooooh" moment. I only got photos of the shoes because people were just going gaga over everything else, and well, I'm not surprised. It's a very fashionable, without being over the top in terms of design and prices.

Other snippets from the H&M Magazine feature of Anna Dello Russo

The thing I love most about Anna Dello Russo is that no matter how long she's been in the fashion industry, her passion for it exudes in everything she does, creates, wears and says. It's a marriage made in fashion heaven.

Here are other shots I got from the H&M website http://www.hm.com and their app of the collaboration, enjoy:

AdR   x    H&M

For prices and availability, check the H&M website http://www.hm.com  or visit the store nearest you.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Russian Roulette: Miroslava Duma

Since I'm back with intense fashion vengeance, I've decided to introduce one of my recent inspirations:

Russian beauty Miroslava Duma

I came across her while I was scanning through my daily dose of www.whowhatwear.com and stumbled upon this petite fashionista. I instantly googled her and fell deeper in love with her classic, quirky and edgy taste in dressing. Not to mention, she's beautiful and smart as well! She contributes her skills in the pages of Harper's Bazaar, OK Magazine, Glamour and more.

She caught my attention because she knows how to balance structured pieces with loud and playful colors, nothing too extreme. She doesn't try too hard and shocks you in a good way. Celebrities nowadays wear fashion pieces to get attention just so they're talked about, they no longer dress for themselves, they live to impress the paparazzi.  Miroslava on the other hand, need not call the press or wear insane meat dresses to catch attention because she dresses for herself and for no one else, something I try my best to live by.

So without further adieu, here are my favorite looks from Miroslava! :)

I'm back!

Things have been insane this year. 2012 really changed things up for me. Although a lot has changed, my love for art and fashion remains, (cocky as it sounds) unconditional.

So, I'm back, better than ever! (hopefully) I'm excited to share with you once again my world!