Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mon premier rouge à lèvres Chanel

My first Chanel lipstick.

I know some find exaggeration when it comes to people like me who fawn over items like these. But this one really means a lot to me because one of my bestfriends in the whole world gave me this (and it was one of the best moments ever I swear haha). Anyway, I was extremely speechless and excited when she handed me the Chanel Rouge Allure #12 and told me it was for me, which also came with a gold key necklace from Aldo so that we would have matching ones (Kris, if you're reading this, please come home, we both miss you!!). So I screamed and hugged her over an inexpensive Persian dinner, while I examine the heavenly rouge bestowed upon me. She also gave me lipstick from a french brand called Kiss Kiss by the way, which I'm trying my best not to neglect haha.

This was definitely a good day. I love you bes!


(I tried it on, but it was really sunny to see here on the photo

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