Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fashion 360: Gerald Kilayko

Today, I'm lauching a segment called FASHION 360, where I feature clients who want a lifestyle and fashion make-over, to give them an opportunity to prepare for job opportunities, social situations and a 360 degree lifestyle change.

And now, I present to you... Gerald Kilayko. He recently graduated Marketing from Ryerson University in Canada and is back in Manila for a vacation, and to pursue a big job opportunity. So, what better way to help him than be part of Fashion 360!

We went shopping with Gerald in Rockwell, Makati to give him an idea of various brands that could work for him so that he won't go back to his usual loose shirt and jeans look. His taste is very simple, he prefers to wear a comfortable pair of jeans, a shirt and his favorite sneakers. There's nothing wrong with wanting that, (especially if you decide to paint a house or something then you can have that look, kidding) but why not make the simplest changes to change one's life right? A new job means a lot since it's the start of one's future, so why not make changes for the better? Yes, I sound like an excited little school girl receiving her first project, so without further adieu...

Here's his "before" look:


I decided to give him a more casual yet polished look. He now wears pants that actually fit (and not 2-3 sizes bigger), shirts that don't hang too loose on him, and a hot jacket that brings out the bad boy in him. He also  ditched the lenses for contacts, and I gave him a simple look for his hair.

The changes were actually really minimal, but I think it really made a difference! He looks more confident and ready to pursue his career.


How good does he look right?? Well, that's a wrap guys! Hope you feel as good as I do :)

Gerald was wearing:
Black jacket from Zara
Basic Tee from Giordano
Gray striped polo from Abercrombie & Fitch
Gray jeans from Zara
Black Walk-ins from Vans

Til our next FASHION 360!


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