Sunday, October 16, 2011

VENA CAVA: Yes, I keep falling in love with fashion!

VENA CAVA. One of the brands I recently discovered while scanning through the pages of Vogue and Elle. Also the brand that made me realize that yes, it's true, I keep falling in love with fashion, but never fell out of it. Tacky and dramatic as it sounds, it's true. I patiently scan pages of magazines, blogs and sites because I don't think I can ever get enough of how beautiful and inspiring everything is because of people like Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Miuccia and more. I've never felt tired or burned out, unlike others who just do their job and go through the day out of necessity. I just love discovering new artists of fashion! The feeling never gets old (I sound like I'm in a serious relationship with it dont cha think? haha).

Anyway, moving on from my short sentimental banter, I would now like to present VENA CAVA, a brand founded 7-8 years ago (I was unfortunate to know about them just now!) by Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai, who went back to their roots for this Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I find the collection absolutely chic and effortlessly adorable! I'd buy every single piece if I could haha

So, without further adieu.. VENA CAVA Spring/Summer 2012:

This is a strong peg for 2012 I'm sure :)

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