Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fashion Project Feature

In this new day and age, an outfit doesn't alway rely on chunky earrings or statement rings to complete one's look. For today's fashion feature, I would like to showcase one of the modern accessories that can help any fashionista express their mood or make an outfit look fierce:  NAILPOLISH! And what better way to be unique than to create your own color!

I was watching the auditions for American Idol (stop pretending like you don't!) and the first thing I noticed was Jennifer Lopez' fingernails painted in in the chicest lavander I've seen. The next thing I know, I was searching for that color in various stores and botiques hoping to score some lacquer, but unfortunately came home polish-less. I checked my nail polish collection to see if I had something similar, but then I realized, why not experiment and mix my own color! Well, the rest was history. I tried out my new lavander nails and got a lot of inquiries on where I got it. So for those who are looking for a certain shade that they can't find anywhere, why not experiement and make it yourself?

Here's how I did mine:

And voila! you have your own personalized nail polish! Sorry my fingers aren't the best modeling instrument for this project (haha), but you should really try it out. Maybe you can do this with your friends on your next sleepover or GNO :)

Have fun!


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