Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Coachella Heat

Yes, forgive me. I have been in fashion hibernation for way too long, and now I'm back with a bang for this year's Coachella Fashion 2011. Here's some of the popular hits and misses for one of this year's favorite music festivals.

Hits Katy's long lace dress and headband + her and Dita's cat eyeglasses
Hit: Pen Badgley and his shirt off (<3)
Hit: Rihanna's gold gun necklace
Hit: Nicole Ritchie's printed top
Hit: Diane Kruger's long camel skirt

Miss: Kesha's trash look made trashy..er
Miss: VHudge's confusing look (there's a thin line between hippie and trying hard)
Miss: Rihanna's deeper version of Carrot top's hair
Miss: Nina Dobrev (for simply being with Ian Somerhalder haha)

Photos courtesy of Just Jared. :)

What's your favorite Coachella look?


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