Sunday, April 24, 2011

Zero No Longer the Hero?

In an interesting article I read from http://fashion.elle.com/life-and-love/2011/04/22/will-banning-size-zero-models-make-us-fatter/, the title of the article says it all: "Will Banning Size Zero Models Make Us Fatter?" I'll be honest with you, it really made me stop and think. Yes, a lot of women look up to models because clothes always look better on runways compared to when we wear them, they look even better that red carpet stars as well. It made me wonder how much it could actually affect modern/future runways because let's be honest, there's a big chance it might not work as strong if designers decide to choose size 4 models instead, or the complete opposite, it might look even more divine. I don't consider myself thin (oh please!miles from it), yet I actually enjoy watching runways partly because of the models and how they fit perfectly in each outfit thrown to them. It also inspires a lot of women (including me!) to actually lose the pounds because we want to be like them, and reports of those who go beyond the healthy level of dieting because they want to look like modelsis actually a very small percentage, but I guess you can't deny the fact that they still exist.

Well, I guess we'll see how it all turns out once this actually comes to show. For now, here are some photos of extremes: both famous waif and plus size models so we can somehow imagine what it would look like having the "model in between" those sizes look like.


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